We have entered into collaboration and license agreements with 3 companies in relation to our ash handling operations. Set forth is a brief description of our collaborations in the ash handling businesses.

Tecpros collaboration with world renowned companies provides our clients access to state of the art design and manufacturing technology for systems and equipment.



GEA EGI Contracting/Engineering Company Limited

Promotion of high concentration slurry disposal system

Xiamen Longking Bulk Materials Science and Engineering Company Limited^^

Dry bottom handling, pneumatic conveying, fly ash handling and coal mill rejects handling

Pneuplan Oy

      Dense Phase Pneumatic Systems for Fly Ash and allied materials

^^The parties had agreed that the MoU would terminate upon the execution of a detailed collaboration agreement or 12 months from the date of the MoU, whichever is earlier. Though a detailed agreement has not been entered into between the parties yet, Xiamen is still supplying equipments to our Company. The Company is currently in the process of the extending the term of the MoU.


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