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Coarse Ash collected in the different Coarse Ash Hoppers of Boilers namely, Economiser, Air heater, Duct, Bed Ash etc., can be removed by any of the systems adopted either for Bottom Ash or Fly Ash depending upon the quantity and quality of ash

Ash collected in different type of hoppers in the plant can be disposed off / transported by Jet Pumping system, conventional Slurry disposal by Centrifugal Pumps (Lean phase). We have also the distinction of providing Indias first ECO FRIENDLY slurry disposal plant using HCSD (High Concentration Slurry disposal) System, which eliminates problems of excess Water in Ash pond. 

Jet Pumping system, 
Conventional Slurry disposal by Centrifugal Pumps (Lean phase). 
HCSD (High Concentration Slurry disposal) System

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