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Conveying systems

Tecpro provides troughed or flat belt conveyors and belt conveying systems for handling of bulk material handling from fine material like cement, lime powder  to rocky materials like iron ore and  limestone to cement and fertilizer bags and difficult materials like bauxite, clay, lignite and bagasse.

Tecpro's range gives option of selecting from conveyors of custom made requirement where it has experience in design, engineering, manufacturing and supply of belt conveyors. Tecpro has the capability to execute:
:: Cross country conveyors with multiple drive units with up-hill/downhill configuration
:: All types of pulleys with rubber lagging
:: With fixed and garland type idlers in carrying and return side
:: All types of pulleys with rubber lagging
:: With nylon or rubber belting
:: With tripper arrangement for stockpiling.

The belt conveyors are with nylon or polymer or steel cord belting. All belt conveyors are provided with skirt arrangements in feed points, scrappers and safety switches as standard accessories along with technological structure like drive frames, pulley frames, stringers, short posts, deck plates etc.

Belt conveyors cannot provide suitable solutions in all situations. When we encounter difficulties and limitations due to site conditions like topography, space availability, restrictions due to environmental requirements/ regulations, material properties etc., we need to find an alternative to belt conveyors which are open troughed.

The above conditions can be handled early with pipe conveying technology. The pipe conveyors have advantages of steeper inclination and greater curves than troughed belt conveyors and have great advantages as 
:: They completely stop spillage
:: Completely bar pilferage
:: Avoid transfer stations.

A pipe conveyor provide solutions to this challenge. With better lifting capabilities and ability to curve in any direction, Pipe Conveyors integrate optimally in existing plants, optimise conveyor routes and handle long distances and problematic topographic areas.

As a totally enclosed system, Pipe Conveyor transport bulk materials securely protected and dust free over roads, tracks, waterways, through existing plants, over public streets or in environmentally protected zones.

A belt feeder is suitable for many applications and capacities.
It is provided with full length impact pads/impact idlers as required for absorbing the impact of falling material and are reliable equipment.

A belt feeder also can be used in reversible mode and thus can be used in locations like crusher/ screen houses where feeding to the equipment is required. The belt feeder can ensure proper feeding to a crusher or screen and also will reduce the impact of falling material directly on a screen etc.
It is ideal for close volume control of feeding material like sand and gravel and also for dry and fine materials. It has a simple structure easy to adjust. 

The volume can be controlled within 1% by providing a variable frequency drive and operated/ monitored thus from a remote station.

Chain conveyors
Slat chain conveyors are another type of chain conveyor which uses many types of interleaving segments to form a slat type chain of either synthetic polymer or stainless steel construction, in either low friction or friction grip styles.

They are used in high wear areas often handling individual packets or cans in can filling or bottling operations. They are also used extensively in food manufacturing applications.

Heavy versions of the slat conveyors can be seen in freight handling applications where loads and impact are quite high. Traditionally heavy slat conveyors are constructed using hardwood slats or rubber with steel sheet base fixed on to parallel chains.

Vertical conveying by chain conveyors with inclination angle upto 45 degrees is used for handling difficult materials like bagasse in sugar mills as bagasse carriers and in power plants for feeding boilers using vertical slats either of fork type or plain sheet of steel.

Dry drag chain conveyors can be applied to precipitators, fabric filters, boiler hoppers or cyclones for the collection of fly ash. These units handle fly ash in a dust-tight, air-tight construction which provides dust and fire control.

The drag chain conveyors can move materials at very low speeds to a storage and/or disposal location, and can have up to a 35 degree incline. These conveyors occupy minimum space with maximum materials handling capabilities.

The drag chain conveyors can withstand higher temperatures and have a dust-tight casing of steel. In addition to the outlet at the drive station, the conveyor can be fitted with hydraulically-operated slide gates at points along the casing. The design of the chain links in drag chain conveyors ensures optimum strength.

We provides a range of bucket elevators with chain and belt type with centrifugal, positive discharge and continuous discharge type elevators.

A bucket elevator  is used in handling limestone, coal, lignite, petcoke, biomass material etc and in different Industries.

Central chain bucket elevators are equipped with a stamped, single- or double-stranded chain, which are wear-resistant by extra-deep hardening of the wear surfaces, guaranteeing superior service life.

Both chain and belt bucket elevators have proven their reliability in installations under the most difficult and even extreme operating conditions. 



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